Jack and the Beanstalk


Jack and the Beanstalk is a giant of a family pantomime that is full of beans… magic beans of course!

Join Dame Trott and her sons Jack and Simon in the classic tale of good vs evil. Will Jack save the day and marry his true love, Princess Melody? Will he be forced to sell Daisy the cow? Will the nasty Fleshcreep bring doom and gloom to everyone or will they thwart his plans with the help of Fairy Sugarsnap?

Enjoy a giant pantomime full of excitement, beanstalks to the sky, fairy magic and a dancing cow, all in a hilarious script where the sky is the limit!

Jack - Melissa Jade Runcieman
Princess Melody - Cody Wootton
Dame Dotty Trott - Dan Edwards
Simple Simon – AJ Hutchings
King of Merryvale - Jon Doody
Queen of Merryvale - Tanya Rattenbury
Fairy Sugarsnap - Karen Skardon James
Giant Grumblehuff – Harvey Causley
Fleshcreep - Dave Street
Ramble - Amanda Rattenbury
Bumble - Irina Pratt

Bethany Tattershall, Imogen Hawkins, Sophie Rattenbury, Joshua Denning, Freddie Street, Jacob Denning, George Rattenbury, Josie Smith, Rhea Wootton, Izzy Davis-Griffiths, Daisy Taylor

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Jack and the Beanstalk